Complete Software Solutions for Financial and Insurance Industry

Turning Your Great Ideas into Successful Web Solutions. We have the experience and the expertise to build your custom web & mobile solutions. Optimising your business processes and creating new market opportunities. IT consulting, software development and testing is what we do.

What We Do

Custom Software Development

When 'off the shelf' software can't get the job done, a tailored software solution is needed; custom software development that is developed specifically for you, to provide you with the highest level of functionality, usability, and performance.

Web Applications

Our customized web applications are made to improve any kind of communication as well as marketing and sales with your customers. Increase visitor experience within your online presence and turn your website into a magnet for traffic with additional service via apps.

Systems Integration

It is important that the information flow within a business is seamless. Massive improvements in efficiencies can be achieved by integrating disparate systems to avoid data being re-entered and re-worked.

Mobilising existing software systems

Don’t let competition get ahead of you for lack of a mobile-friendly software. Our team use the latest mobile technology to recreate mobile versions of your existing business solutions.

Modernising legacy systems

Maintain the backend data and rebuild a new frontend system that applies the current business logic and provides the right user experience. Modernize the old system to modern technologies.

Business workflow automation

We can help you reduce paper trails and replace paper-based forms and introduce digital forms with approval workflows increasing business speed, productivity and immediate cost benefits.

About Us

We are a boutique digital transformation consultancy and software development company that provides cutting edge solutions, helping Insurance and Financial companies untangle complex issues of digital evolution and technology integration. As an Insuretech company we have strong experience in Insurance and Technology. This gives us a unique skill and advantage when helping our clients in developing their technological solutions.

We Create Fully Connected Systems

We help create fully connected systems: Smart, connected software offer exponentially expanding opportunities for new functionality, far greater reliability, much higher product utilization, and capabilities that cut across and transcend traditional product boundaries. With the help of our solutions we can make businesses more efficient, improve customer engagement, expand client base, reduce costs and more.

Examples of Technology that we can help develop

E-commerce Platform

Claims Platform

Agent Platform

Training Platform

Sales Support

Policy Management

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